"And I just remember thinking to myself,
“God, I fucking want her.”"

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Listen, if you’re going to leave, that’s fine. and I know you promised you wouldn’t seven months ago while I was crying into your neck but I also know that sometimes it rains even when it’s not supposed to and sometimes boys kiss girls they shouldn’t and we tear flowers out of the ground just to watch them die and things change, so I understand if you’re done, but please, when you’re packing all your old sweaters and books, don’t forget to take all your three AM phone calls, and photographs where we’re smiling so wide it looks like we’ve never known that feeling in the pit of your stomach when someone screams “I don’t love you anymore.” Take back every kiss, every night you fell asleep next to me, every poem I wrote you, every song you sang to me, every “I love you more fight,” every shock I felt in my skin when you brushed against me. I was never scared of ghosts until you left but now I see you everywhere and god if you’re going to kill me please just do it quickly because I see you in everything and it’s making it hard to breathe


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Just because these women made the decision to take photographs of themselves like this, doesn’t mean it should be taken as an invitation to share them or leak them.

And no one should shame them in anyway whatsoever, shame the disrespectful little shit who has no respect for privacy. 

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creativity like “yo”,

attention span like “no”.

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If you think that being a music major is like being in a cult, then you are 100% correct have you heard about our lord and savior Johann Sebastian Bach

IV - I

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"cut out all negative people in your life, do it now"

you know that’s not an option for everyone, that people are more complicated and come attached with strings

Fucking seriously.

Or my favorite, “yell at your friends whenever they say something sexist/ableist/etc.!” Uhhh not everyone has the, dare I say it, privilege to be able to annihilate their entire support structure and start fresh.

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I’m a teenager why does my back hurt I’m not 70 years old


period cramps

the patriarchy

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